Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Oh, god. I should have known better.

I finally picked up Twilight out of curiosity during an errand run yesterday since I've been hearing quite a lot of hype about it with the movie coming out soon. I'm definitely one of those people who always likes the book better than the movie adaptation plus hey, the paperback book was cheap in it's billionth publication so I thought, no harm right? Boy, was I wrong. I was hooked right from the very first chapter. No, more like addicted.

"Hi, my name is Murni & I'm addicted to a love story between a vampire & a teenage girl."


The sad thing is (no, not that a so-called-adult is reading a teen novel), I have a mountain of work so the only time I get to read is right before bed time. Needless to say, I didn't get any sleep last night. I crawled out of bed this morning after finishing the entire thing in 14 hours straight & as soon as I'm done with getting some large orders out of the door, I'm going to run off & get the sequel. In all honesty, it's taking quite a lot of restraint for me not to run off right now to get it. Sigh... I was like this when I started reading Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles back when I was 16. Darn those vampires!


Melissa said...

hahah, murni, in that case you should totally start watching this new vampire series called true blood. it's really cool. and not just vampires, they have shapeshifters, werewolves, the works. :)

Murni said...

i think i can only take one addiction at a time melissa dear but thanks for the tip! hahaha ;)