Friday, January 4, 2013

Help, I Need A Laptop Stand

Vool The Wooden Laptop Stand 1
I have to admit, I'm not young anymore. At 31 (32 this year to be precise), my body seems to be giving up on me. Every other day now I'm plagued with mysterious aches & pains in my back, neck & shoulders. And this is without any strenuous activities! Yup, I'm no spring chicken. I think most of my bodily aches boil down to bad posture & although I'm usually quite conscious about my posture, thanks to years of drilling from my parents, I tend to slouch when I work on my laptop which I use every day. Bad Murni. So I think it's time to invest in a laptop stand & I've rounded up a few that fit my criteria: well designed, handmade, responsibly harvested wood & not bulky.

The first one on top by Vool is my favourite but at 299 Euros (with free worldwide shipping) I'll have to pass. The free shipping rocks but RM1196 is waaaaay to much for my blood. Luckily there are heaps of other affordable options, just have a look below!
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Second from top to bottom: Greentunadesign puzzle shaped laptop stand in sustainable bamboo (RM255 + RM83 shipping to Malaysia), ergoRizer made with plywood (RM109 + RM46 shipping to Malaysia), Standup made with FSC certified Gabon Marine grade plywood (NZ$70 + shipping cost to Malaysia unspecified), Objectify made from sustainably produced Southern New Zealand Pine plywood (RM46 + RM18 shipping to Malaysia) & although this is too low for me, I think this is nice too; Stems available in 3 woodgrains such as cherry, walnut & ash (RM140 + RM36 shipping to Malaysia).

I'm leaning towards the Objectify one because it's the simplest, gives me the height I want, folds flat & a huge plus point, it's the cheapest! I like the Greentunadesign one too but the versatility of the ergoRizer is pretty awesome. Decisions, decisions.

UPDATE: I went ahead & bought the Objectify one. Will let you know if I like it when I get it. Fingers crossed!

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