Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another Cambridge Satchel

This little 11" rose gold baby from Cambridge Sacthel is being made for me as I type this. On a whim yesterday I checked out CS's website & found that the bag I was lusting after since last November was half-off so without further thought, I added it to my cart, checked out & bang, I'm the proud owner of yet another CS! My red 15" Batchel (it's the classic satchel with a top handle) is my go to work bag (seen here & here) but I wanted something smaller for casual days out & I think this rose gold version will just be that touch of fancy that will elevate any old outfit I lazily pull together. I'll share pictures when it gets here k? I'M SO EXCITED! 


Milly said...

Odd, I only see gold, lavender, and orchid. No rose gold.

Murni said...

Well, isn't that odd Milly? Because the picture description states Metallic Rose Gold. We'll have to see what color I get when the time comes I guess but I'm ok either way :)

Min said...

Wow so pwetty! Hope u and Bobby are feeling better!

Anonymous said...


I'm about to make my first purchase with CS. Can you share with me on the duration of their order and shipment to Malaysia bcos as what I heard it will take 1-2 months to arrive. Thank you dear :)


Murni said...

Hi Aida,

I got my first red Batchel in about 1 month & this new rose gold one in less than a week! I guess it depends on whether the bag is in stock or if they have to make it. You should email CS directly to ask for an estimate for the delivery if you're in a hurry since it varies greatly. Oh btw, I love that they use FedEx for the delivery as you can track your bag every step of the way once it's in transit PLUS they'll call you on the day of the delivery so you know exactly when to expect the FedEx guy to show up on your doorstep!

Good luck with your order :)