Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Catch Up: Jan 2013

Gosh, 2013 is turning out to be a massively busy year for yours truly. Event styling, graphic designing, floral arranging, impromptu trips, a photo shoot… it's been crazy! I really miss blogging but I'm enjoying working & experiencing new things. How's your 2013 so far, dreamers?

Here are some pictures from my Instagram, have a look see!

More fun with Diptic & pictures from our Mabul/Sipadan trip.

Some glimpses from our trip to Mabul & Sipadan.

Lured my neighbor's 3 kittens to come play at my front door. Hassan was more interested in inspecting my plants

My new neighbour's 3 adorable kittens & Hassan who's busy inspecting my plants. The kittens come over every other day to play with Hassan & to check out our house.

Just got my lovely fabric calendar by @lisarupp with a freebie (thanks Lisa!). 2013, I'm ready for you.

My new fabric calendar from Lisa Rupp along with a free letterpress print! Love love love.

Photo props I made for Daania's birthday party

A fun, cowgirl themed birthday party I helped to decorate. 

Excuse the cam whoring but I just love my makeup from today's shoot at the awesome @wondemilk with Her World magazine (double chin has been conveniently cropped out hehehe)

Loved my makeup from a photoshoot I did for Her World magazine. I look so different!

QC Inspector at work.

Flowers for a baby shower I did being inspected for quality control by a curious kitty. 

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