Monday, June 11, 2012

Mimpi Murni At Hello Deer


The truly awesome folks of Wondermilk have done it again. They’ve outdone themselves. Yet again. Wondermilk now has a brand spanking new space they’ve called Hello Deer, right alongside their Uptown cafe that is open exclusively for events like parties & markets! I’m soooo super excited to be one of the first few vendors to peruse the space during their launch party THIS weekend *clapping hands in glee*

I had the pleasure of seeing the space before renovations were complete & even then, it looked wonderful, I kid you not. Personally, I think this new space is a stroke of genius & I can’t wait to see more exciting things from Wondermilk. Do drop by if you’re free over the weekend & make sure you come over to say hello k? I’ll be there on Saturday only though so be warned ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Tan. Would like to enquire about the rental package of booth in the market. Any contact about this? Thanks in advance.

Murni said...

Hi Tan, you'll need to contact Hello Deer directly & you can find their information on their FB page.