Monday, June 25, 2012

Art With Heart


In my humble opinion, the ladies of Gin & Jacqie are simply fabulous. Makers of bags that are functional yet stylish & fun, the ladies always seem to come up with some of the most interesting ideas & this latest venture goes to show that they are big hearted as well. 

A specially designed Gin & Jacqie bag was launched on 20 June 2012 in conjunction with World Refugee Day & especially in support of refugee children in Malaysia under a fundraising initiative called Art With Heart: A Refugee Art Project. Proceeds from the sales of these bags which feature the artwork of Mary, a 15-year old refugee, will go towards refugee education programmes in Malaysia under the UN Refugee Agency.

Mary's story is especially heart-wrenching: her family had to flee Myanmar due to human rights issues they faced in the country. Mary is an orphan, now living with her grandparents in Malaysia. She lost her mother a few short months ago, & her pain inspires her art. Her art work features bold splashes of vibrant colours with a red heart in the center. “I painted ‘love’,” said Mary. “When my mother passed away, I was so scared, but I know her love is always with me. That makes me happy.” 
Tell me that doesn't pull your heart strings? *Sniff*

Please help support this worthy cause by purchasing a bag at either or Cziplee (Bangsar) & priced at RM24. 100% of the profits from the sales of the bags will be channelled towards refugee education programmes run by UNHCR to benefit refugee children in Malaysia.For more information, visit the UNHCR’s website.


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