Friday, June 1, 2012

iPhoneography This Week

iPhone Camera Roll 032 We were in JB for the wedding of my husband’s cousin. Doesn’t she look lovely?

iPhone Camera Roll 075 The mister started a Lamborghini contribution fund at the office. He managed to
collect RM15 in change, a keychain, a dice, a biscuit & best of all, a picture of a
Lamborghini! Our cat doesn’t look impressed but he had fun playing with the dice.

iPhone Camera Roll 086 Hassan the cat making his daily inspection of our floor. He takes his job rather
seriously, I’m afraid.

iPhone Camera Roll 101 My handmade lip balms cooling down before I start labelling them.

iPhone Camera Roll 105 One of the tech rooms at NTV7.

iPhone Camera Roll 109 And finally, I was on NTV7’s Breakfast Show yesterday! Did you catch me? To my left
is the uproariously funny Naz & to my right is the vivacious Satira who are both the
hosts of the show. I had a blast with them & showed them how to make an earring
(while shaking quite bad though ahahaha!).


Aszkey shahruddin said...

Wow..had seen you on inspired visit my home deco product!it all about art.-im the beginner..

Murni said...

We all start from somewhere Aszkey so keep on creating k? Thanks for dropping by :)


like the lamborghini fund bit

Karen said...

Congratulations! such a big step for you! Continue crafting!
I am such an avid crafter myseld..feel free to browse my website too!