Friday, June 4, 2010

Sewing Nook

I just love this sewing nook belonging to Danielle from the Thompson Family Life blog! Apparently Danielle loves all the same things that rock my worl - retro colors, bazaar style & vintage kitsch amongst other things. FYI, I moved the Mimpi operations into my fiance's spare bedroom not too long ago... so I bet you can imagine how I'm itching to start decorating it & these pictures aren't really helping placate that itch!

Hop on over to Decor8 to see the rest of the set up.


Chui Shia said...

such inspiring colors. I love all things retro and vintage too! looking at these patterns and colors makes me smile. :)

Alisha Melissa Mah said...

Gosh i wish i could modify my room to something as charming as this... ^_^

Murni said...

glad you ladies love it too! my craft room is currently looking like a cyclone hit it to put it lightly hehehe! i can't wait to start working on it as soon as i get a little spare time.