Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mimpi ♥ Urbanscapes Always And Forever

Mad lovin' to everyone who dropped by the Mimpi Murni booth at Urbanscapes last Saturday! Here are some pictures from that day taken by my bestie, Farhan, on his iPhone's Hipstamatic (I'm soooo jealous!). Get ready for lots & lots of pictures!

More pictures of the Mimpi Murni booth over here!

Right now, I'm busy with trying to catch up with my emails (it never ends) that I sadly had to neglect while I got ready for Urbanscapes. I also have a date with my vacuum cleaner & mop as the apartment, especially my little craft room looks like a tornado hit it at full force! So I hope you'll be able to excuse me while I step out for a day or two to sort out the shambles of my life. I knew you'd understand!

Be back soon! XOXO

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