Monday, December 7, 2009

Comment Moderation Is Back On

Like many people, I hate getting spam emails & text messages but I most especially hate spam comments! So since they are a few of you out there who are incredibly tak malu (shameless) & tak beretika (unethical), I am switching back on my comment moderation even though I hate having to do so.

You see, I really appreciate it when you tell me what you think of my blog posts as it's always great to be acknowledged but it really sucks when some people misuse the comments section for self promotion & it especially sucks when they leave a comment that has nothing to do with the post. Even though I don't get a whole lot of comments & I really should be happy to get any comments for that matter, it really irks me. Sorry for the inconvenience folks! :(


Jenny Pong said...

Ditto! I hate having to moderate my blog comments too but it is necessary to avoid spams which I conveniently delete! I dont understand why ppl do that! It is just disgusting!

Murni said...

i hear you jenny! ah well, i just hope the comment moderation thing doesn't scare off those who really have something to say :(