Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cameron Highlands Family Trip

Wuthelam Villa
I took a couple of days off over the Merdeka weekend (Happy belated Merdeka, fellow Malaysians!) & traveled to Cameron Highlands with my very large, fun loving family on my mother's side. It was heaps of fun & we stayed at Wuthelam Villa of Tanah Rata which I haven't visited since I was 5 years old! Judging from my childhood pictures, the place still looks the same except for a few minor interior changes but the lovely garden has not changed a bit. The Villa is kept pristine by the same housekeeper since it was built in the late 70's & she does all the cleaning & cooking for guests as well so we were properly pampered. Man, her cooking is fantastic! We were fed 4 times a day & I think I easily put on a kilo or two over the weekend.

Above are some pictures I took during the trip. Clockwise from top: 1. The sprawling lawn & garden of Wuthelam Villa overlooking the only golf course in Cameron, 2. A lovely Zinnia bloom, 3. A corner of the Villa's roof & the blue, blue sky we were blessed with during the trip.

Jungle Trekking
On Day 2, our group of 15 (ranging from 16 - 60+ years old) agreed that a nice, easy trek would be a great change from all the eating we've been doing. Little did we know what was in store in the supposedly "easy" trek we were pointed out to which was trek # 3 & 5 of Cameron's well marked treks. Altogether, it was approximately 5 km & took our group a good 3 hours to complete with a lot of huffing & puffing, a stumble here & there plus a tonne of sweat. Needless to say, we were very sore at the end of the trek but elated even though we ended up in the middle of a chilli farm by taking a wrong turn! Clockwise from top left: 1. Sign board at the start of the trek, 2. On the way to the trek, we were already a little winded thanks to the uphill climb which was a precursor to even more obstacles ahead, 3. My up-for-anything family, 4. Sun filtering down to the jungle floor, 5. A caterpillar on its merry way through the moss & ferns.

Plantation & Nursery
More pictures from our trip. From left to right, top to bottom: 1. A piece of old brass machinery used for making tea on display at the Boh Tea Plantation & Factory, 2. The ultra-modern Boh Visitor's Centre overlooks the sprawling green hills of the tea plantation, 3. Old quarters of the tea plantation workers, 4. A trip to Cameron wouldn't be quite complete without a stop at a plant nursery to pick up some cacti.

Loved spending time with my family & wish there were more opportunities like this to bond over laughter & memories.

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