Friday, July 20, 2012

Quick Getaway

IMG 8223

Thank goodness for scheduled posts! At the last minute on Tuesday, my hubby decided that I could tag along on his business trip to Singapore the very next day so I had to run helper-skelter to get ready. Now we're back in KL but the whole time I was at the Lion City, I blessed my lucky stars I scheduled a bunch of posts beforehand hence no one would be none the wiser (unless you follow me on Twitter or Instagram that is!).

Here are a few shots I took with my iPhone during my quick getaway which was spent mostly at Marina Bay Sands while the mister was at his business meetings. It was my first time there & boy, it is HUGE! "Checked" out the casino (and won SGD50 at the roulette table by the way), enjoyed the scenery from the 57th floor of one of the towers, took my own sweet time at the Art Science Museum lingering over every little display, window shopped at the Mall & finally traipsing through the trees & flowers at Gardens By The Bay. My feet hurt from all the walking I did (I kid you not, that place is enormous) but I had a lovely time. Enjoy the pictures!

IMG 8243

The view from Marina Bay Sand's Sky Park at night. Can't believe this was all bare just a couple of years ago (or so I was told).

IMG 8254

As I'm a big Potter Head, I had to check out the Harry Potter Exhibition at the Art Science Museum. It cost SGD24.90 to enter (which if bought at the promotional counter, entitles you to enter the Andy Warhol exhibition too) & SGD6 for the audio guide but it's worth every penny.

IMG 8263

Loved the exhibition but couldn't help feeling the souvenirs were waaaay overpriced! SGD75 for a wand that wasn't even wood but cheap plaster?? I just got the exhibition book as photography is not permitted & I wanted a little keepsake. Almost bought this poster too but I felt it was too somber & hey, it wasn't moving like it should ;)

IMG 8291

The Marina Bay Sands towers as seen from the top of the SuperTrees, Gardens By The Bay at sunset. Honestly couldn't believe I was at that overhanging tip the night before alongside so many people & the whole thing didn't just break off!

IMG 8366

A view of the Singapore Flyer, a small cluster of SuperTrees & the Flower Dome.

IMG 8379

I paid SGD5 to access the Sky Walk which is a bridge linking a few SuperTrees. If you are scared of heights, it's best to avoid this as it's pretty high & it moves a bit with the wind. I loved it though, and spent an hour up there, waiting for the sunset, taking pictures with my Olympus PEN & admiring the view.

IMG 8362

Took this shot as I lay down at the foot of one of the SuperTrees, waiting for the sound & Light show to start. The show wasn't all that great but I was there & needed to rest a bit so no harm done. This one is my favorite shots from the whole trip. 

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