Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cambridge Satchel

Red Batchel
This gorgeous 15" red Batchel (which is just a satchel with a top handle) is being made just for me as I type this & in approximately a month's time it will be in my loving arms. I've been coveting a Cambridge Satchel for ages & ages but I kept putting off making the purchase. Until recently that is... You see, my darling husband got me the new Macbook Pro for my birthday & I think my MacDreamy (yes, I've named him) deserves a nice bag for me to carry him around. Yes, that's my excuse & I'm sticking by it! ;)

What makes this bag so special for me? Firstly, if you purchase it directly from the maker, it's handmade to order using the finest English leather, which is stiff to begin with but will soften with wear & age.  You can also get it embossed with your initials as I did & with a design this classic plus the fine workmanship, it's sure to never go out of fashion & will last you forever with proper care. Truth be told, I'm also hoping I can one day pass it on to my future kids so that they'll have a little piece of me with them whenever they use it. I'm a sentimental fool, I know. Hehehe.

I'm also eyeing this silver 11" satchel pictured below by the way (so much for sentimentality!). Check out the Cambridge Satchel site for more fantastic designs & colors. You're sure to fall in love too.

Img 2057
Picture source of top photo here & bottom here


HipHopLess said...

Cool! I have been eyeing for this bag too. I'm still trying to decide whether it's worth the hefty price so please update once you got yours!

Murni said...

Will do hot mama! I'm super excited!!

Liz said...

Hi, The silver satchel in the bottom photo is mine, and I love it so much. I do recommend one, they're not cheap but they wear really well and I use mine all the time.

Many thanks for the photo credit too, so much appreciated :)

You have a beautiful blog.