Thursday, July 12, 2012


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The mister & I love outdoor activities so recently we had a look around a bicycle shop to check out the options & prices. I immediately fell in love with the more classic looking bikes & told the mister that I want mine to look like it belongs in the 1950's with a wicker basket in front. Hence begins my hunt for a hardy, versatile bike that can take some abuse yet look very classic & that's how I came across Pilen bikes from Sweden (here's a very thorough review by Lovely Bike). It was love at first sight but too bad, the price tag is pretty hefty (starts at USD1500) so my search continues. The Pilen Special in cream with a wicker basket pictured below will forever be my ideal.

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refinehere said...

do they sell in Asia or we have to order it online? I saw a lot of these bikes when I was in Amsterdam. They are everywhere! maybe the cheaper version

Murni said...

Hello, thanks for dropping by! I'm not sure if they sell in Asia but I was going to look for a distributor online (until I found out the price that is!). Look around on Google & let me know if you buy one k? ;)

Min said...

The bike shop near my place has a bike exactly like that one! The basket is additional lar. If I remember correctly, it's about rm2k

Murni said...

Hi Min! What's the name of the shop & where is it located? I'd love to pop in to have a look. Thanks for the info! :)