Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Art Of Sewing

I've been on a craft book (mostly sewing books) spending spree these last couple of weeks. I must have bought out the entire craft section of Kinokuniya so I guess I better go on a book fast & give them a chance to restock their shelves. But that's not gonna stop me from looking up books online right? Sneaky me. Hehehe.

These vintage hardcover beauties are from a 12-volume Art of Sewing series by Time Life Books & includes: Boutique Attire, The Custom Look, Delicate Wear, Exotic Styling, Separates that Travel, Creative Design, The Classic Technique, The Sporting Scene, The Personal Touch, Traditional Favorites, Basic Tailoring, and Shortcuts to Elegance. Love 'em! Now, where can I find them??

Via Hi + Low.

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