Tuesday, March 17, 2009

DIY Photo Booth

Here's a great little idea for your next party: a photo booth! Renting an actual photo booth can cost a bomb so why not DIY it? Here are some simple instructions taken off (& slightly modified by yours truly) from Evite:

1. All you need is a digital camera, a tripod, a photo printer, 2 sheets of fabric for the backdrop & "entrance", some props (feather boa, fake mustache, funny hats, etc.) & a relatively quiet corner away from the party to set up your photo booth.

2. Use several tacks to hang a sheet from the ceiling a few feet away from one wall & perpendicular to the other. The sheet will define the booth, with the open end becoming the entrance. Make a sign saying "Photo Booth" with "Entrance" & arrow under it. Hang a second sheet against the back wall as a backdrop.

3. Set your camera on the tripod & on an appropriate distance away from the backdrop. You want enough room for you guests to ham it up without disturbing (& accidentally pulling down!) your backdrop. Don't forget to hook the camera to the printer & set out the props.

4. Write some simple instructions for your guests to follow like the following:

1. Put on whatever props you like and get ready for your close-up!

2. Without picking up or moving the camera, turn it on and set the timer by [insert instructions for your camera here].

3. You have 10 seconds to take a seat and strike a pose.

4. Photos will be printed for you. Simply return at [specify a time a couple of hours after the party starts] or the end of the party to pick up yours!

5. Now go enjoy the party! Just come back to print photos in batches at the appointed times.

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