Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Moleskine & Lamy Love

Moleskine ruled notebook inside view std339 tipo rot TRAlong with my Macbook & iPhone, my day to day life just wouldn't be complete without my Moleskine & Lamy pen. I've been using a Moleskine since 2007 & my Lamy rollerball pen is new to me as it was a recent gift from my husband. I've always loved notebooks & pens and I have a nice little collection of both from years of trawling the stationery stores & handmade markets, but my Moleskine & Lamy trumps them all. Honestly, the minute I cashed my first big pay check, I ran to the nearest store that carried Moleskines & now that the mister has introduced me to the world of high quality pens, I will never look back.

But honestly, they're not all that different from your average notebook & pen. Especially the Moleskine; black hard cover, lined paper, a black elastic to keep your notebook securely closed or as a page holder, a back pocket to keep bits & pieces and that's pretty much it! So what is it about a Moleskine? Besides the construction, which is good & almost indestructible, I can't really say but whenever I'm reminded that I'm writing into something that Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso & Ernest Hemingway once used, I get a little thrill. Yeah, I guess you can say I bought into the hype but I use up all of my Moleskines which is a heck of a lot more than any other notebook in my collection…. Some of which have only a few pages of scribble, then abandoned to languish at the bottom of my catchall drawer in the craft room or are too pretty to use so are left unused & eventually forgotten. Not my Moleskine though. Since I use every single page, I like to keep it as organised as possible so from time to time, I refer to this Monster Collection Of Moleskine Tips, Tricks & Hacks. In the earlier years I referred to this post on How To Keep A Moleskine PDA but I still think it's a great introductory read if you want to start keeping a Moleskine for organisational purposes. This of course applies to any notebook.

As for my Lamy pen, although it's something I just acquired, I am hooked, line & sinker. For the longest time I scoffed at the thought at spending more than a few Ringgit for a pen. I mean, if it's really pretty like some of Typo's I might make an exception, but for something that looks simple & utilitarian for more than RM10? No way! That is until my husband made me try the Lamy 'Tipo'. It's an entry level pen for Lamy but the heft & the smoothness of the ink won me over. It's a great everyday pen & I love whipping it out during meetings with clients… It makes me feel very grown up! I am now eyeing the 'Swift' thanks to reading this review at Notemaker. Hehehe.

Here's my current Moleskine which is a limited edition Le Petit Prince & my red Lamy 'Tipo' pen (my husband has a matching silver one). Have a great day folks!

My constant work companions: a Moleskine (this one is Le Petit Prince edition) & Lamy pen

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