Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Hello lovelies! Sorry for the late post but we had a noise issue with our neighbor last night which resulted in me having to sleep the morning away to catch up with my sleep... I tweeted about it if you want to know what happened.

Anyways, today is Earth Day in case you didn't know. How are you spending it? I've been looking up some amazing recycled art & came across this awesome post on the Free People blog. Check it out!

These mandalas were created by Virginia Fleck from plastic bags of all things! A mandala is a universal, non-religious tool for meditation that is composed of carefully chosen symbols and imagery with a specific meaning said to provide guidance. How a mandala made from plastic bags supposed to help you on your spiritual quest I'm not really sure of but they're very pretty don't you think?

Created by artist Josh Blackwell, these are plastic bags you would want to use over and over again! He carefully wove thread and other materials into plastic bags to create these “plastic baskets” as he calls them.

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