Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christine Edwards

Oh, no! So. Cute. Must. Succumb. I love these done-up-doggies looking all smart & formal in their bow ties & ties by Christine Edwards. I want to get a print but which one, which one?? They're all so freakin' cute (not to mention funny)! If only she had an English Cocker Spaniel like my own fur babies, I'd snap it up in a heart beat.

P/S: The scruffy Terrier mix wearing a vintage tie kinda speaks to me. Although the Coton de Tulear wearing a vintage bow tie with his little tongue sticking out looks so gosh-darn adorable! What do you lovelies think?


Jenny Pong said...

I do not whether I love the little accessories on them or the dogs.. may be I love them both! XD

Murni said...

who would've thought ties & dogs are a lethal combo eh? hehehehe ;P