Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Masak Masak: Soba Noodles

Since becoming a Missus, especially one that works from home, I find that I like welcoming my husband from a hard day at the office with a meal I whipped up myself. I know that sounds like such a cliche & a 50's throwback but I swear there's nothing more satisfying than seeing my husband eat something I made (as long as it's edible, he'll eat it all up). That being said, sometimes I find juggling domesticity & a small business pretty tiring so I tend to stick to really simple, no fuss recipes like fried rice which allows me to make use of whatever ingredients I have laying around in the fridge. However, one can only eat so many plates of fried rice till one gets sick of it so I'm always searching recipes online & when I found this Soba Noodles with Sweet Ginger Scallion Sauce, I knew I hit the jackpot. I would serve it with some steamed chicken as my man likes his meat, but I know this is definitely something he'll love & is a lot healthier than a packet of Maggi & fish balls. To follow my cooking escapades check me out on Instagram under the hashtag #murnimasak or Twitter

Recipe via SImply Reem.


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Anne-Marie said...

Those look absolutely delicious! :)