Friday, December 16, 2011

London Is Cracking & Bob’s Your Uncle! p.3

Me at Westminster with London Eye in the background.
The hubby & I took our time to explore as much of London as we could & as we’re both quite the shutterbugs, we have tons of pictures to share which I’m sure you can gather by now! Sorry but hey, it's my blog & sharing is caring right? Right :P

FYI, I used my Olympus Pen 2 while the hubby had his Olympus XZ1 (both cameras were our hantaran/wedding gifts to each other) & I’ve edited all the pictures you see in this blog with an Earlybird filter like Instagram with my handy dandy Photoshop. Do scroll over the pictures to get a little description & check out Part 1, 2 & 4 if you haven’t already.

Bobby the hubby on the river cruise we took from Westminster Pier heading down to Greenwich. The river cruise came free with our hop on, hop off bus tickets which we thought was an awesome deal. Check out 
St. Paul's Cathedral & Millenium Bridge seen from the River Thames.
That's us with part of Canary Wharf in the background.
At Greenwich with compulsory hot drink.
Us at the Greenwich Meridian Line.
Queen's House, Greenwich. Now part of the National Maritime Museum, it also houses an outstanding art collection. King Henry VIII & his daughters Mary & Elizabeth (who were both queens in turn) were born here. I was tingling in excitement when we stepped into the this place.
Bobby the hubby posing as well :P


shelbybaby said...

murni!! my wanderlust is abubblin' and i'm livin it up vicariously through you :D your pictures are cracking! more more more...!

Murni said...

thanks babe but i think everyone else needs a break from all my cam whoring! LOL

i've posted some pictures on FB (& will be slowly adding more there) so if you like, you can look me up there.

thanks again babe. your comments never fail to make me chuckle :D

yuqi chock said...

i love your photos! could you tell me where i can find the earlybird filter please? needing it so badly for my photoshop. :-p

Murni said...

thank you yuqi chock! i couldn't remember where i got the photoshop filters from so i did a little google search of "earlybird photoshop filter" & found it! here's the link:

yuqi chock said...

thanks so much murni!! :-)

Murni said...

my pleasure ;)