Friday, April 29, 2011

Will & Kate’s Fairytale

2011 april 29 will & kate's first kiss
After weeks of steadfastly ignoring all the hoopla surrounding Prince Williams’ impending marriage to Kate Middleton, today I found myself glued to the tv, oohing & ahhing over all the pomp & ceremony of the royal wedding. Undoubtedly, Kate Middleton is living every little girl’s dream to marry her Prince Charming (albeit a balding Prince, but a Prince all the same) & the closer we came to Kate’s arrival at Westminster Abbey, the more excited I became.

I literally started clapping the minute Kate stepped out of the Rolls Royce, I was so excited! I just loved her simple yet elegant dress (so similar to Grace Kelly’s wedding dress which I also love), her veil, her loosely curled hair & her minimal makeup (which I just found out she did herself. Now, that's gutsy!). By choosing the most simple of adornments in the most classic of styles, Kate allowed her beauty to shine through & for that she will go down in history as one of the most well dressed royal brides. Of course, William also dashing in his uniform & I found it so charming when he blushed after that first kiss. How cute was that? I was very lucky to have my iPhone with me right at the moment the first kiss happened & there you have it, the picture above. Wish I snapped Will blushing too but iPhones aren’t quick enough. 

Anyways, along with many, many other well-wishers across the world, I’d like to offer up the heartiest of congratulations to the new Duke & Duchess of Cambridge. May the two of them have a blessed marriage.

P/S: It just dawned on me that Bobby & I are married the same year as Will & Kate AND we have known each other for 10 years but have been dating for 8 just like Will & Kate AND I was born the same year Charles & Diana tied the knot! Perhaps there’s some sort of celestial connection or something? Haha wishful thinking, I know!

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