Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Guiness Cake

My man loves to have a pint of Guiness at the end of the work day. So much so that I’m actually contemplating trying to bake this Guiness cake by Irish-born and Sydney-based food photographer/food stylist Katie Quinn Davies. Good intentions aside, I have to admit I can’t cook to save my life so I’m secretly hoping some of you bakers out there can bake this for me (I’ll pay you to!). Please email me if you’re up for it ;P

Via Design*Sponge.


Florence Tiq said...

looks delish. a must try !

Murni said...

i know right? the picture of the abundant cream cheese frosting alone is making me salivate! hehe

Murni said...

dear anonymous, if you have a problem with the thought of my fiance & i being MUSLIMS & consuming a Guiness cake, i suggest you stop spamming my comment box & take a good hard look at your own life before you question others. btw, i think people who leave antagonistic comments anonymously are cowards. if you have something to say, make a stand & own it.

Tiq said...

Murni, i read the comment too as the notification went straight to my email.

So sad how some people have so much negativity thoughts on others.

I personally think that only God can judge us.

I hope such comment won't let you down dear !

Murni said...

thank you Florence dear for your comforting words. i really appreciate it & it heartens me to hear that not everyone is narrow minded like "anon"

Anonymous said...

Dear Murni,

No, I'm no saint. No, I wasn't trying to spam your inbox. No, I am not narrow minded.
And most of all - No, I am not trying to judge you. It was an honest & innocent question.

Anyway, what's written on Quran is written on the Quran. Plain & simple, crystal clear.

And yes Florence, God will judge us at the end of the day on the things that you do during your lifetime :)

Murni said...

glad to see you owned up saff. my pet peeve is an antagonistic anonymous commenter as i believe if you have something to say & you believe in what you say then you should be brave enough to stand by it.

regarding this whole issue: i can't dispute what is written in the Quran. i drink, i am intimate with my fiance, i don't cover my aurat, i sometimes eat at non-halal places, i have 2 dogs, i lie occasionally, i gossip & i've committed countless of other sins. the question is, does this make me less of a Muslim than you or more human?

don't be quick to judge others saff dear (smiley face) because by leaving your comment you are undeniably doing so & quite frankly, i don't have patience for such pettiness. remember, only God can judge us.

Glad said...

you go girl!!!