Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chotto Omoshiroi

Amy of Pikaland is an inspiration. First off, she runs an art & illustration blog that’s filled with beautiful & inspiring things she finds on the internet (sound somewhat familiar?). She is also the mastermind behind some exciting projects such as PikaPackages & the zine Good To Know. And to top it all off, she is now an indie publisher of limited edition books & zines under the moniker Pikabooks, & will be dedicating a portion of profits to First Book, an organization that focuses on providing books to children in need in an effort to combat illiteracy. My hero.

Pikabooks’ inaugural zine entitled Chotto Omoshiroi is hand drawn by Mogu Takahashi & it teaches you how to speak Japanese. The zine will be bundled with an A2 size poster for you to pin up your wall, and is available in a limited edition of 200. You'll also be happy to know that with each set that you purchase, one child will get a book in return. How cool is that? (Psst! Use the code YAYPIKA at checkout & you’ll get 10% off your order but hurry, cause the code expires this Friday, 22nd Oct)

I really can’t wait to see more exciting things from Amy (who is Malaysian by the way & based right here as I’m sure most of you will be excited to know). Watch this space!

I have the same IKEA table which I’ve covered with fabric too! I’d like to flatter
myself now by saying, “great minds think alike.” Hehehe


Anonymous said...

she's malaysian and based in malaysia? wow i had no idea, i am so impressed!

Murni said...

you & me both babe. she's an inspiration.