Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Home Is Where The Heart Is: So Binique

I would LOVE to live in all white space that has all sorts of whimsical, girly touches such as this pure & dreamy this living room of Sophie, SoBinique blog. I could just live on her sofa & dream my life away. Click here to see more pictures of this space.

Via Decor8.


RS said...

this is too cool.

ya know, you're reeeally good with colour combos. the way u craft your blog is pretty impressive! I'd die to have that skill!

Are all your blog thingies DIY?

Murni said...

thanks RS! glad you like my color choices. yes, i did everything on the blog myself with no prior knowledge of HTML. it took a lot of trial & error but i finally got my blog to look exactly how i want it.

thanks for dropping by! :)

RS said...

oh wow. how on earth did u do that?! hahah.

Murni said...

googled stuff on html, played around with photoshop & voila! hehehe