Monday, July 27, 2009

Little Women

This has got to be my favorite book of all time. Ever since I was old enough to appreciate books & my mother picked out Little Women for me, I've always had a copy nearby & handy. I can't tell you how many copies I've worn out or given out to girlfriends & I hope to someday pass down a copy to their little daughters (& mine) as I truly cherish this book that covers love, perseverance & feminism. I believe that all women should read it at some point in their lives & in fact, at every major turning point if possible. Little Women for me will always be the book I turn to when I need to be reminded to do good & be good. Oh, and how Beth makes me cry!

If you want to get a cheap copy of Little Women to keep handy (as I do), you can purchase Penguin Classics edition which is printed on 100% recycled paper for only RM8.50 (look for bright green covers). There are heaps more fantastic classic titles so while you're at it, grab a couple of Jane Austen's & Jules Verne's books amongst others. Chancellor Classics also prints very affordable hardcover editions at only RM14.50 although the titles are quite limited. All these books can be found at either Popular, MPH or Kinokuniya. Happy reading!

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