Monday, March 28, 2011

Disco Bunny Ears

Somehow my best buds managed to pull a surprise dinner for soon-to-be-married-little-ol’ me. Complete with flashing & glowing bunny ears, flowers & balloons, I was totally taken by surprise as I walked into the restaurant & saw a bunch of them grinning ear to ear when they saw my face register shock & disbelief. It took me awhile to let everything sink in & dinner was interrupted every so often with me exclaiming, “OMG, it all makes sense now!” Hehehe. I was so very touched that they went through so much trouble & man, I’m such a sucker for surprises. Big love to Farhan & Mimi for planning the whole thing & to everyone who came, guys & gals. You all made my last weekend of singlehood something to remember.



shelbybaby said...

that is so sweet of 'em and you're lookin' sexayyy honeybunch! can't wait to see pics of your wedding *excited*

Murni said...

thanks sweetie :) yeah, my buds are the best! i'll post up pictures as soon as i get them ;)