Thursday, March 24, 2011


Thanks to a tweet by the awesome ladies of Tongue In Chic, I got to know about Brightspot Market from across the pond in Indonesia. Taken off their website: “Brightspot Market is a unique retail concept that is held several times per year in different locations. The goal of Brightspot is to gather local and international designers, artists and retailers to showcase a range of unique products. We want to support those who are innovative and original by providing them with a chance to present their work to a larger audience.” Much like what Chic Pop is to Malaysians, it looks like Brightspot is an event that is highly anticipated by the fashionably chic folks of Indonesia. I love the set up that allows vendors to go nuts on their displays & I would love to have the opportunity to take part in this… perhaps a trip back to Indonesia for the next market is in order?

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