Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do What You Love

You know I’m all about doing what you love & doing it well so this series about women doing what they love in conjunction with Gap's 1969 Jeans collection is right up my alley. This particular video features Anna of Rifle Paper Co. whose blog I’ve had on my Google Reader since forever. I love her work & she’s such an inspiration to me so I hope this little vid will serve to inspire you in turn. Don’t forget to check out the rest in the series will you’re at it!

Via Rifle.


izreen - fluff and stuff - said...

i love this! am all inspired now ;)

Murni said...

yaaaay! glad to hear that babe. did you check out the rest of the series?

shelbybaby said...

murni!! i didn't know you're a fan of anna bond too! i got my xmas card personalized by rifle this year 'cos i just needed to have something from anna bond before i die or at least before i grow old and earn more financial commitments. they just arrived 2 weeks ago and beautiful as i'd imagine them to be (shhh... reason for xmas card was because i couldn't afford the wedding line... *sigh* if only. i suppose if i do win the lottery one day i'd actually get a rifle wedding card just for my keepsakes). have you seen her b&w wedding picture? she looks like a doll! thanks for hihglighting her video... it's amazing to watch her work. i wish i could paint!