Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DIY Produce Bags

Instead of heading back to bed after lunch like I mentioned earlier, I headed to the pool for a quick swim since I thought the extra exertion might make me sleep better. However, the swim felt soooo good that I felt energised instead of tired & sleepy so I took the opportunity to work on a little project that I've been wanting to try for awhile now: making my own reusable produce bags!

You see, everytime I go grocery shopping I'd feel like the biggest hypocrite whenever I'd fill my reusable shopping bags with all the plastic produce bags of fruits & veggies I tend to load up on. So I did a little nosing around the internet & found this awesome Instructable for the simplest solution by making my own reusable produce bags with some tulle fabric & my handy dandy (brand new!) sewing machine.

Here's the tutorial if you want to give it a whirl & hey, if you don't have a sewing machine you can handsew it too! It took me about 5 minutes per bag on my sewing machine so that should give you an idea of how fast & easy this project is. You can also use these bags for a myriad of other purposes so go nuts & make as many as you can. Have fun!


Buddhaphish said...

they look great! and oh so pretty too!

Will try this out because I feel the same!

by the way, what sewing machine do you use? am in the market for one myself and don't really want to spend RM1K for one. Saw a basic one for RM600 but I wonder whether it would be too basic?

Murni said...

yaaaay! glad to hear that you're gonna try making these bags too. they're SO easy you're gonna wish you thought about them earlier! hehehe

i use a model called Tradition by Singer which i got for valentine's day. it's pretty basic but that's enough for my purposes & it's awesome for a newbie like myself. i'm not too sure how much it retails for but i'm sure it's not more than RM1k since it's a basic model. hope that helps!

Chui Shia said...

Excellent idea!! I also hate the thought of all those plastic bags for fresh food. But can't sew to save my life lah. Can you do some and sell to me? :))

Murni said...

you know what? you're not the first person to ask me that since this blogpost! LOL. let me road test these bags first & if they do the job i'll make a bunch & put them up for sale here on the blog. how does that sound?? :)