Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Little Surprise (Part 2)

Read Part 1 first...

So my little-intrepid-hammie-formerly-known-as-Kamikaze (who upon further inspection is actually a girl-hamster and has since been renamed Biscuit) made herself comfy in her makeshift enclosure but my mom who is terrified of anything resembling a rat insisted that Biscuit should not stay in the house. Crestfallen, I regarded my options:

1) I could give Biscuit to my neighbor with the 3 little boys. They live nearby and I can always visit the little critter. Only problem is I'm not too sure how responsible these 3 little boys are and I don't think the parents will be too involved in keeping a hamster...
2) I could also give Biscuit to a friend of mine. My friend is very, very responsible and loves animals so I know Biscuit will have a wonderful life with him. But, he lives soooooo far away and I'll never get a chance to see Biscuit ever again.
2) Plead, beg and grovel at my boyfriend's feet to let me keep Biscuit at his apartment.

For reasons I have yet to fathom, I decided to plead, beg and grovel, and hey, it worked! It took awhile for him to warm up to the idea but when I dragged him to go shopping together for a proper enclosure, he got excited seeing all the fancy tubes and play-things made specially for hamsters. Men and gadgets are a good mix I say.

Now he wants to build a Hamster Shangri-la and insisted that we get another girl-hamster to accompany our lone Biscuit (girls need to chit chat ya'know). For the record, I'm all for hamsters who can live happily ever after with each other (and there are exceptions) but based on my previous experience with hamsters yonks ago (I was 12), I had a bad feeling that the hamsters (especially Syrian hamsters) shouldn't be caged together. But the guy in the pet shop insisted it was OK especially with females, and my boyfriend was persistent so I thought, hey I could be wrong...

Needless to say, Biscuit wasn't too happy. Many squeaks of protest were made along with uncalled for nipping convinced the boyfriend that Syrian hamsters do not get along regardless of sex or lack thereof. Heh.

I headed to the pet shop the next day and got Cookie the new hamster (Cookie and Biscuit geddit??) her own digs. Luckily we didn't splash out and bought a fancy schmancy hamster enclosure the day before as it looks like we'll have to figure out how to fit two entirely separate enclosures in the small space we have available for our hammies.

I'll take some pictures soon to show you my new babies. Although they don't get along together, they're very sweet with me and my boyfriend, enjoy running around the boyfriend's little enclosed patio when we let them out, and looove strawberries, grapes + potato bun.

More soon!

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