Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Little Venting & iPhoneography

Dear readers, not everything in Mimpi Murni land is always happy. I try to keep things light across all my social platforms but honestly, sometimes I wish I could just vent. This last week has taught me a HUGE lesson & perhaps some day I’ll share it here with you but for now, let’s just say I don’t think this issue deserves any more of my attention. I am the perpetual optimist & anyone that tries to bring me down deserves a big fat pfffffffft!On a lighter note, here are some of my favorite pictures I took over the last couple of weeks with my iPhone & filtered with Instagram (look me up under mimpimurni).


My collection of china, spoons & trays for a photo shoot I did for a magazine. They're mostly Ikea purchases with some Daiso pieces thrown in along with some pieces I picked up while traveling.

IMG_6940 Place an empty box on the floor & Hassan the cat will find his way into it.

IMG_7058The view of the KL city skyline at sunset from my front door. The sun put on a really good show & I just had to snap it.

IMG_6961 One of my bookshelves filled with my knick knacks & favorite books. My precious Brownie camera came with its original packaging.

IMG_7156 Went on a quick daytrip to Bonton, Langkawi for work. Gorgeous, gorgeous place.

IMG_7269Dropped by Tioman last weekend to destress & caught this sunset. Love the final streaks of sunlight.

IMG_7277  My view from the hammock in Tioman. That’s all I did all day: look for hammocks to read in.

IMG_7309 Flowers I received for my birthday from a very lovely couple. Yup, it was my birthday last Tuesday! Another year older & wiser (hopefully).

IMG_7318One of my favorite perfumes which is Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf that I got for my birthday from a family member. This is the Summer limited edition called La Vie En Rose. I love, love the scent but truth be told, the grenade shape bottle won me over.


farhana shamsuddin said...

i suke wooden letters, mn nk dpt yer?

farhana shamsuddin said...

Suke wooden letters tu, mn yer nk dpt

Murni said...

Typo dear